Fuel Surcharge w/c 17th June 2024
The fuel surcharge for this week is 5.87%. This is based on a fuel price of 114 pence per litre before VAT.
DRA Forms - ROI
Please be aware that as of 03.01.2023, we are no longer able to send goods to the Republic of Ireland without a signed Direct Representation Authorisation (DRA) form. Goods will be held at PTI Express until a signed DRA form is received and storage charges will apply if the goods remain on hold longer than 1 week. To prevent any delays with regards to future shipments, please contact Customer Services prior to collection to check the relevant DRA form has been received.
Leaving Goods Safe
Please be advised that goods will not be left safe unless specific instructions are added onto the consignment delivery instructions. If you require goods to be left safe in the event that your customer is not on site, please be sure to add a clear note stating so.